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Cosmic Champs is a real-time strategy game set in a retro-future where ships crewed by Champs traverse the cosmos, descending to do battle on hostile, resource-rich planets. Champs compete in online battle arenas in a tower-rush format, fighting tooth, nail and antenna for their share of Cosmic Gold (COSG) and intergalactic fame.

The cosmos is a GameFi economy where you can buy, sell, trade and battle NFTs. The NFTs players can collect include: Champs, Ships, Planets, Blueprints and Treasure. Players aim to assemble the perfect combination of battle-hardened Champs and formulate superior strategies to out-manoeuvre opponents in competitive gameplay and win tournaments to claim Treasure, ensuring word of their feats spreads at light speed across the cosmos. During battle, Ships transform into a base and busily mine a Planet’s natural resources, gathering enough Cosmic Matter to purchase Blueprint NFTs that players can use to mint new Ships and expand their fleet.


Crews of ex-soldiers, hotwired robots, and other cosmic misfits roam the depths of space in search of one thing – payday!


A base, a mining operation, and a vehicle all in one. How sturdy, shrewd, and stylish are your space wheels?


Champs battle it out while planet owners sit back and take their share of the bounty. It’s the good life, destined only for a few.


All kinds of weird and wonderful items lie scattered across the cosmos, just waiting to be uncovered.

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